Baronage Selection Process

For those that missed it, we discussed at the meeting TRM’s plans for our next Baron and Baroness.

The three couples who have graciously put forth their names are:

Lord Logan Black Rune and Lady Tyna MacPhersone

Baron Paganus Grimlove and The Honorable Lady Rekon of Saaremaa

Lord Bartholomew Gualtruad O’Cullaighne and The Honorable Lady Marie de Womwell

Please thank these three couples for volunteering their time and energy to help make the Barony a better place!


Their Majesties have asked that Mistress Mary Dedwydd verch Gwallter act on their behalf to help them in reviewing the three candidates so that they may make the best choice for the future of Dreiburgen. The selection process will proceed as follows:

5/1/16 – polling letters go out to paid members inviting commentary on the three couples.

05/10/16 May Council Meeting: Pizza Chalet, 34299 Yucaipa Blvd. Yucaipa, CA 92399 – Q&A with the three couples after council meeting. Please send questions in to Bernard Stark by 05/03 so that the couples have time to consider their responses. All members of the populace (whether or not they are paid members of the SCA) are invited to attend. Our plan is also to record the Q&A session and upload it so that those who cannot attend the council meeting will still be able to see the couples and find out about them.

05/31/16 – All commentary and polling letters must be received by the Kingdom Seneschal.

June, 2016 – material is reviewed by TRM, who will choose the Reeve & Reevess between July 1 & July 12, the couples will be notified of TRM decision

July 12 Council meeting – the Reeves will be announced to the populace

07/16 at Coronation – the chosen couple will step up as Reeves of Dreiburgen

07/23 at Summer Arts – The Reeves will be on vigil so that members of the populace & others may speak with them, give advice,congratulations, etc.

10/29/16, Dreiburgen Anniversary – The Reeves step up as the Baron & Baroness of Dreiburgen


Questions? Comments? Concerns? Please contact either Her Excellency, Jumana al-Zarqa, Mistress Mary Dedwydd verch Gwallter​, or Lord Bernard Stark so that we may address them!

Barony within the Kingdom of Caid, in the Society of Creative Anachronism, representing the territories of San Bernardino and Riverside Counties.