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The baronial library contains a wide variety of medieval subjects. Any member of the barony may borrow books from the baronial library which is available by appointment. Please contact Lawrence Letterford librarian for more details.

In addition to the baronial library, the personal library of Baron Aldred is available. This collection of over 15,000 books, including hundreds of shelf feet on SCA useful topics, is available for the use of SCA members and others by appointment (ie. he or Melasandra, or someone needs to be home to let you in and show you where the privies are). Contact Baron Aldred to set up a visit. Crash space is available on a very limited basis since they live about 15 miles from Palm Springs, CA.

Last update: December, 2011

A Book of Five Rings
Miyamoto Musashi
ISBN 0879510188
Keywords: Military art and science, Swordplay, Japan, Kendo

A History of Costume
Carl Kohler
Keywords: Costume

A History of Europe
J. M. Roberts
ISBN 0713992042
Keywords: Europe History

A History of London Life
R. J. Mitchell, M. D. R. Leys

A History of Middle Europe: From the Earliest Times to The Age of the World Wars
Leslie C. Tihany
ISBN 0813508142
Keywords: Central Europe, History,

A History of the Middle Ages
Joseph Dahmus
ISBN 0760700362
Keywords: History Of The Middle Ages

A History of the Vikings
Gwyn Jones
Keywords: History

A History of Transylvania
Stefan Pascu, D. Robert Ladd, translator
ISBN 0880295260
Keywords: Translyvania, History, Romanians

A History of Venice
John Julius Norwich
ISBN 0679721975
Keywords: Venice, Italy, History

A Midsummer Night's Dream
Wolfgang Clemen, editor
Keywords: Shakespeare

A Traveller's Guide to Celtic Britain
Anne Ross
ISBN 0710206321
Keywords: Celts, Tribes, Picts, Caledonia, Celtic Sites

An Introduction to Oriental Mythology
Clio Whittaker, contributing editor
ISBN 1555214517
Keywords: Asian mythology, Middle Eastern mythology

Ancient Celts: Stencils
Mira Bartok, Christine Ronan
ISBN 0673361012
Keywords: Celts, Celtic civilization, Stencil work, Juvenile literature

Anglo-Saxon England
F.M. Stenton

Arms & Armor of the Medieval Knight
David Edge & John Miles Paddock
ISBN 0517103192
Keywords: Weapons, armor

Art and Beauty in the Middle Ages
Umberto Eco
ISBN 0300042078
Keywords: Medieval aesthetics

Basic Bookbinding
A. W. Lewis
ISBN 0486201694
Keywords: Bookbinding

Bede: A History of the English Church and People
Leo Sherley-Price, translator
Keywords: Historical Works

Biblical Myths & Mysteries
Gilbert Thurlow
ISBN 0706403851
Keywords: Bible, Biblical Stores, Stained Glass

Calligraphy in the Chancery Script
John C. Tarr
Keywords: Calligraphy, penmanship, italic writing

Calligraphy Made Easy: A Beginner's Workbook
Margaret Shepherd
ISBN 039950964X
Keywords: Calligraphy, Technique

Calliope - Al-Mamum, Caliph of Baghdad


Calliope - Charlemagne
Rosalie F Baker, Charles F. Baker, editors
ISBN 0382443942
Keywords: Charlemagne, Kings and Queens, Medieval Civilization

Calliope - The Medici
Rosalie F Baker, Charles F. Baker, editors
ISBN 0382445848
Keywords: House of Medici, Florence, Italy, History

Calliope - The Silk Road
Rosalie F Baker, Charles F. Baker, editors
ISBN 0812676130
Keywords: Silk road, trade route, asia, history

Carolingian Painting
Florentine Mutherich and Joachim E. Gaehde
ISBN 0807608521
Keywords: Illumination of books and manuscripts, Carolingian, Illumination of books and manuscripts, Medieval;

Celtic Borders & Decoration
Courtney Davis
ISBN 0713723300
Keywords: Art, Design, Decorative, Borders, Ornamental (Decorative Arts), Decoration and ornament, Celtic

Chronicles of the Vikings - Records, Memorials, and Myths
R. I. Page
ISBN 1566198356
Keywords: Viking, History, Sources

Civilization and Capitalism, 15th-18th Century: Structures of Everyday Life
Fernand Braudel, S. Reynolds, translator
ISBN 000686077X
Keywords: Europe, History, Social Issues

Clans & Tartans - The Fabric of Scotland
Lorna Blackie
ISBN 0785808825
Keywords: Scottish Clans, Tartans

Constructing Medieval Furniture: Plans and Instructions with Historical Notes
Daniel Diehl
ISBN 0811727955
Keywords: Furniture, Drawings, Reproductions

Crafting Handmade Shoes
Sharon Raymond
ISBN 1579901921
Keywords: Making your own shoes

Curious Myths of the Middle Ages
Edward Hardy, editor
ISBN 0195200780
Keywords: Legends, Folklore, History

Daily Life in Medieval Times
Frances Gies, Joseph Gies
ISBN 1579120695
Keywords: Medieval, History, Social Life and Customs, City and Town Life, Villages, Castles

Death in the Middle Ages: Mortality, Judgment and Remembrance
T. S. R. Boase
ISBN 07006203X
Keywords: Death

Decorative Frames and Borders: 396 Examples from the Renaissance to the Present Day
Edmund V. Gillon Jr.
ISBN 0486229289
Keywords: Borders, Ornamental (Decorative arts), Crafts & Hobbies, Decorating;

Dress and Decoration of the Middle Ages
Henry Shaw
ISBN 1885440243
Keywords: Costume History, Medieval, Decoration and ornament, garb, clothing, sewing, decoration, trim, jewelry

Dungeon, Fire and Sword: The Knights Templar in the Crusades
John J. Robinson
ISBN 0871316579
Keywords: Crusades, Templars

Early Decorative Textiles
W. Fritz Volbach
ISBN 0600012425
Keywords: Ancient textile fabrics, decoration and ornament

Eastern and Western Europe in the Middle Ages
K. Bosl
ISBN 0500330182
Keywords: Europe, History

Elizabeth I
Rosalind K. Marshall
ISBN 088045119X
Keywords: Elizabeth I, Queen of England, 1533, 1603, Great Britain, History, 1558-1603

Elizabeth R
Roy Strong, Julia Trevelyan Oman
ISBN 0812814436
Keywords: Queen Elizabeth, England

Elizabethan & Jacobean Prose 1550-1620
Kenneth Muir
Keywords: English prose

Elizabethan Costuming for the Years 1550-1580
Janet Winter & Carolyn Savoy
ISBN 0963022008
Keywords: Costume, Dressmaking, Great Britain, History, 16th century

Encyclopedia of the Viking Age
John Haywood
ISBN 0500019827
Keywords: History, Reference, Vikings History, Vikings Social life and customs;

English Weapons & Warfare 449 - 1660
A. V. B. Norman and Don Pottinger
ISBN 0880290447
Keywords: History, England, Arms and Armor

Eric The Red and Leif the Lucky
Barbara Schiller
ISBN 0893751669
Keywords: Eric the Red, Leiv Eiriksson, Norse, Discovery and exploration, Norway, Biography, Juvenile literature

Everyday Life in Imperial Japan
C. J. Dunn
ISBN 0880293527
Keywords: History, Japan, Social life and customs, 1600-1868

Everyday Life in Renaissance Times
E. R. Chamberlin
ISBN 0399500774
Keywords: Everyday Life, Renaissance

Exploring the Past - The Middle Ages
Sue Lyon, series editor
ISBN 0863079954
Keywords: William I, King of England 1027 or 8 -1087, Great Britain, History, Medieval period, 1066-1485 Great Britain, Kings and rulers, Biography, J

Eyewitness Books - Arms & Armor
Michele Byam
ISBN 039489622X
Keywords: A photo essay examing the design, construction, and uses of hand weapons and armor from a Stone Age axe to rthe revolves and rifles of the Wild West

Feudalism: Cause or Cure of Anarchy
Brian Tierney, editor
ISBN 0394320522
Keywords: Feudalism, Western Civilization

Five Middle English Narratives
Robert D. Stevick, editor
Keywords: Middle English poetry, Romances

Food in History
Reay Tannahill
ISBN 0812814371
Keywords: Food, History

Fragile Resistance: Social Transformation in Iran from 1500 to the Revolution
John Foran
ISBN 0813384788
Keywords: Persian, Iran, History, Social Change

Genghis Khan
R. P. Lister
ISBN 088029406X
Keywords: Genghis Khan

Geoffrey Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales-A Selection
Donald R. Howard, editor
Keywords: Chaucer, Middle English, prose

Getting Started in Calligraphy
Nancy Baron
ISBN 0806953926
Keywords: Calligraphy

George Savage
ISBN 0706400380
Keywords: History of Glass

Glass from Antiquity to the Renaissance
Giovanni Mariacher
ISBN 0600338083
Keywords: History of glass

Greatest Tragedies of William Spakespeare
William Shakespeare
Keywords: William Shakespeare

Growing Up in Medieval London: The Experience of Childhood in History
Barbara A. Hanawalt
ISBN 0195093844

Hagia Sophia
Lord Kinross
Keywords: Hagia Sophia, Church, Mosque, Museum

Harold, The Last Of The Saxon Kings, Volume 2
Edward Bulwer Lytton

Highlanders - A History of the Scottish Clans
Fitzrory Maclean
ISBN 067086644X
Keywords: History, Scotland, Highlands

History of Everyday Things - The Middle Ages
Giovanni Caselli
ISBN 087226176X
Keywords: Civilization, Medieval, Civilization, Medieval Juvenile literature

Horse Power
Juliet Clutton-Brock
ISBN 0565011677
Keywords: Horse Power: a History of the horse and the Donkey in Human Societies

In Search of Unknown Britain
James Wellard
ISBN 0094636109
Keywords: British, History

In the Wake of the Plague: The Black Death and the World It Made
Norman F. Cantor
ISBN 0060014342

Italian Renaissance Painting
Keith Roberts
ISBN 0714817457
Keywords: Italy, Renaissance, Painting

Italian Sculpture From Prehistory to the Etruscans
Massimo Carra
ISBN 0600369080
Keywords: Ancient Etruscan scultpure, art

Japanese Culture
H. Paul Varley
ISBN 0824809270
Keywords: Japan, Japanese culture and civilization

Joan of Arc & Richard III: Sex, Saints, and Government in the Middle Ages
Charles. T. Wood
ISBN 019506951X
Keywords: England, France, Politics, Joan of Arc, Richard III, Sex

Kinghts of God: Tales and Legends of the Irish Saints
Patricia Lynch
ISBN 030810159
Keywords: Irish, Saints, Legends, Myths, Fables, Stories

Kings and Queens of England, Revised and Updated
Eric R. Delderfield, editor
ISBN 0880291796
Keywords: History, England, Royalty

Andrea Hopkins
ISBN 0896600130
Keywords: Knights and knighthood, chivalry, history

Letters from a New World: Amerigo Vespucci's Discovery of America
Luciano Formisano, editor, David Jacobson, translator
ISBN 0941419622
Keywords: Amerigo Vespucci, America, Discovery, Exploration

Life in a Medieval Castle
Josheph and Frances Gies
ISBN 006090674X
Keywords: Castles, Courts and courtiers, Military history

Life in a Medieval City
Joseph Gies, Frances Gies
ISBN 0060908807
Keywords: City life

Life in a Medieval Village
Frances and Joseph Gies
ISBN 0060920467
Keywords: Elton, Cambridgeshire, England, Social conditions, Rural conditions, Peasantry

Life on A Mediaeval Barony: A Picture of A Typical Feudal Community in the Thirteenth Century
William Stearns Davis

Lord and Peasant in Russia: From the Ninth to the Nineteenth Century
Jerome Blum
ISBN 0691007640
Keywords: Russian history, lord, peasant, serf

Lucrezia Borgia: A Biography
Rachel Erlanger
ISBN 0801547253
Keywords: 16th Century, Biography, Lucrezia Borgia

Manifestations of Discontent in Germany on the Eve of the Reformation
Gerald Strauss, translator
ISBN 0253336716
Keywords: German, history, Reformation, religion

Mary Queen of Scotland and the Isles
Margaret George
ISBN 0312950675
Keywords: Fiction, Mary, Queen of Scots, 1542, 1587, Scotland, History, Mary Stuart

Medieval Crafts - A Book of Days
John Cherry
ISBN 0500015872
Keywords: Medieval arts and artists

Medieval Europe: A Short History
C. Warren Hollister
ISBN 0471019399
Keywords: Europe, History

Medieval Goldsmith's Work
Isa Belli Barsali
Keywords: Jewelry, goldsmithing

Medieval Illuminators and Their Methods of Work
Jonathan J. G. Alexander
ISBN 0300056893
Keywords: Illumination of Books and Manuscripts Medieval Technique

Medieval Islam: A Study in Cultural Orientation
Gustave E. von Grunebaum
Keywords: Islam, History

Medieval Legends
Philip S. Jennings
ISBN 0312527268
Keywords: Mythology, Legends, Stories

Medieval Literature in Translation
Charles W Jones

Medieval People
Eileen Power
Keywords: Every life, biography

Medieval Warfare
Geoffrey Hindley

Medieval Women
Eileen Power
ISBN 0521099463

Memoirs of a Medieval Woman
Louise Collis
ISBN 0060909927

Metalwork & Enamelling
Herbert Maryon
ISBN 0486227022
Keywords: Silversmithing, metalwork, enamelling

Moorish Spain
Richard Fletcher
ISBN 080502395X
Keywords: Spain, Moors, Civilization, Muslims, Islamic Influences, 711-1516

Norman Britain
Henry Loyn, Alan Sorrell
ISBN 0718806034
Keywords: Normans, Britain, England, History

Notre-Dame de Paris
Richard Winston, Clara Winston
Keywords: Notre-Dame, Cathedral

Old and Middle English Literature from the Beginnings to 1485
George K. Anderson
Keywords: English literature, history and criticism

Palestinian Embroidery: A Village Arab craft
Shelagh Weir
ISBN 0714115088
Keywords: Ethnic embroidery, Palestine

Wolfram Von Eschenbach, Helen M. Mustard, translator, Charles E. Passage, translator
ISBN 0394701887

Patterns of Fashion: The cut and construction of clothes for men and women c1560-1620
Janet Arnold
ISBN 0896760839
Keywords: Costume, Men's clothing, Dressmaking, Tailoring, Great Britain, History, 16th century

Philip's Phoenix: Mary Sidney, Countess of Pembroke
Margaret P. Hannay
ISBN 0195057791
Keywords: 16th Century, Biography, Mary Signey, Philip Sidney

Pictorial Archive of Printer's Ornaments from the Renaissance
Carol Belanger Grafton
ISBN 0486239446
Keywords: Art, Pictorial, Design, Printers' ornaments Specimens, Type and type-founding Specimens, Type ornaments Specimensd

Poisons of the Past: Molds, Epidemics, and History
Mary Kilbourne Matossian
ISBN 0300051212
Keywords: Food poisoning, Mycotoxicoses, Social aspects, Euope, History

Queen Katherine Parr
Anthony Martienssen
ISBN 0070406103
Keywords: Catherine Parr, Henry VIII, England, Royalty

Reform and Revolt
Neville Williams, editor
ISBN 0882250663
Keywords: History, 16th century

Roman Britain and Early England 55 B.C.-A.D. 871
Peter Hunter Blair
ISBN 0393003612
Keywords: England, History, Romans, Anglo-Saxons

Romeo and Juliet
J. A. Bryants, Jr., editor
Keywords: Shakespeare

Rural Economy and Country Life in the Medieval West
Georges Duby, Cynthia Postan, translator
ISBN 0872493474
Keywords: Europe, History, Rural Life, Agriculture

Tartans: Pleasures and Treasures
Christian Hesketh
Keywords: Scotland, Tartan

The Albigensian Crusades
Joseph R. Strayer
ISBN 0472064762
Keywords: Albigenses, History, Southwest France, Heretics

The Armourer and His Craft From the Xith to the XVIth Century
Charles Ffoulkes
ISBN 0486258513
Keywords: History, Arms and armor, Armorers

The Art of Caligraphy: A Practical Guide
Marie Angel
ISBN 0684155184
Keywords: Calligraphy

The Art of Heraldry - Origins, Symbols, and Designs
Peter Gwynn-Jones
ISBN 0760710821
Keywords: Heraldry, History, Devices, Heraldry in art

The Barbarian West: The Early Middle Ages A.D. 400-1000
J. M. Wallace-Hadrill
ISBN 0061310611
Keywords: Europe, History, Franks, Goths, Lombards

The Bardic Source Book
John Matthews, editor
ISBN 0713727853
Keywords: Celtic poetry, History and criticism, Welsh poetry, bards

The Benedictines in Britain
David H. Turner
ISBN 0904654435
Keywords: Benedictines, Church, England, Monasticism

The Big Book of Knights and Castles
Barbara Weisberg
ISBN 0760706689
Keywords: Knights, knighthood, castles, medieval civilization, middle ages history

The Black Death
Philip Ziegler
ISBN 0061315508

The Book of Costume, Vol 1
Millia Davenport
Keywords: Costume History

The Book of Kells
Ben Mackworth-Praed
ISBN 1858910048
Keywords: Book of Kells, Illustration, Bible

The Book of Kells - Selected Plates in Full Color
Blanche Cirker, editor
ISBN 0486243451
Keywords: Bible, New Testament Gospels, Latin, Book of Kells, Illustration, Illumination of books and manuscripts, celtic

The Book of the Courtier
Castiglione, Charles S. Singleton, translator
Keywords: Courts and courtiers, Courtesy

The Byzantine Commonwealth: Eastern Europe, 400 - 1453
Dimitri Obolensky
ISBN 0913836982
Keywords: Byzantine Empire, civilization, eastern Europe, Balkan Peninsula

The Canterbury Tales
Geoffrey Chaucer, A. Kent Hieatt, editor, Constance Hieatt, editor
ISBN 0553210823

The Celtic World
Barry Cunliffe
ISBN 031209700X
Keywords: Civilization, Celtic, Western Europe, History

The Celts
Georges Dottin, David Macrae, translator
Keywords: Celts, Housing, Worship, Bards, Government

The Celts
Nora Chadwick
Keywords: History, Celts

The Civilization of Charlemagne
Jacques Boussard
Keywords: French history, Charlemagne

The Civilization of the Celts
Georges Dottin, David Macrae, translator
ISBN 0517309238
Keywords: Celts, Housing, Worship, Bards, Government

The Cloisters
James J. Rorimer
ISBN 0870990500
Keywords: Medieval art

The Compleat Anachronist #101 - Western Dance 1450 - 1650
Janelle Durham, Peter Durham
Keywords: Dance

The Compleat Anachronist #103 - The Gaelic Truibas: A Brief History of And Construction Techniques for Medieval Irish Pants
Nancy Lynch
Keywords: Medieval Irish Clothing Pants Garb

The Compleat Anachronist #104 - The Kings and Queens of England - a Primer
Tim Covell
Keywords: Kings and Queens, England

The Compleat Anachronist #11 - Traditional Ballads
Shelley Tsivia Rabinovitch

The Compleat Anachronist #15 - Deer Abbey
Mary Kuhfeld

The Compleat Anachronist #26 - Pavilions of the Known World
Alexandre le BonHomme, editor
Keywords: SCA, Pavilions and Tents

The Compleat Anachronist #30 - Medieval Abbey Life II
Mary Kuhfeld

The Compleat Anachronist #36 - Early Scandinavian Culture
Radford and Eldberg

The Compleat Anachronist #44 - The Troubadours
Deborah Rochefort

The Compleat Anachronist #45 - Medieval and Rennaissance Chroal Music
Sean McMullen

The Compleat Anachronist #68 - Domestic Lighting: Candles, Lamps, and Torches in History
Dennis R. Sherman
Keywords: SCA

The Compleat Anachronist #69 - The Development of the Coat of Plates
Michael S.Lacy

The Compleat Anachronist #70 - The World's Oldest Dance - The Origins of Belly Dancing
Karol Henderson Harding
Keywords: SCA, Dance, Belly Dancing

The Compleat Anachronist #71 - Period Pastimes
Patrick J. Smith

The Compleat Anachronist #72 - Aineh: Oriental Mirror Armour
David Anthony Counts
Keywords: Asian armor

The Compleat Anachronist #74 - Dance: The Playbeau Interview
Paul Rochefort
Keywords: European Social Dances

The Compleat Anachronist #75 - Destarios: Clothing of the Eastern Roman Empire 400-1453
Donna Bowers
Keywords: Byzantine Clothing Men's Medieval Clothing Women's

The Compleat Anachronist #76 - A Dreamer's Travels
W. J. (Joe) Bethancourt III
Keywords: SCA, allegorical tale

The Compleat Anachronist #77 - Medieval Baskets
Sherry Wetzel

The Compleat Anachronist #79 - From the Kitchens of Castle Gillywick: Willihilda the Kitchen Wench
Ann D. A. Nielsen
Keywords: Medieval Food And Recipes

The Compleat Anachronist #80 - Things to Wear; Clothing of the Heian Period, Japan
Kass McGann
Keywords: Historical clothing

The Compleat Anachronist #84 - Handgonnes in the Middle Ages
George R. Paczolt
Keywords: SCA, handgonnes

The Compleat Anachronist #86 - A Stitch Out of Time - 14th & 15th Cen German Counted Thread Embroidery
Timothy J. Mitchell
Keywords: Embroidery

The Compleat Anachronist #88 - Beyond Prowess: Studying Chivalric Literature
Terry Sheehan
Keywords: Knights, Literature

The Compleat Anachronist #94 - Deeds of Arms: Medieval Accounts of Challenges, Jousts, and Tournaments
Will McLean, editor
Keywords: Combat

The Compleat Anachronist #94 - Deeds of Arms: Medieval Accounts of Challenges, Jousts, and Tournaments
Will McLean, editor
Keywords: SCA, chivalry, jousts, challenges

The Compleat Anachronist #96 - Period Chronology Volume 2: M Though Z
Grant Humbarger
Keywords: SCA, Chronology

The Compleat Anachronist #97 - The King Seeks More Aid? Two Views of the Third Crusade
Bob Charron, Kathy Keeler
Keywords: Third Crusade

The Compleat Anachronist #98 - The Lord Chateleyn's Men: The Development of an Elizabethan Player's Company
Deirdre Bray Root, Thomas N. Tumbusch
Keywords: Theater History, England, Renaissance

The Complete Woodcuts of Albrecht Durer
Dr. Willi Kurth
ISBN 0486210979
Keywords: Wood engraving

The Correspondence of Pope Gregory VII
Ephraim Emerton, translator
Keywords: Papacy, Pope Gregory VII, Church

The Count of Virtue
E. R. Chamberlin
Keywords: Italy, History, Giangaleazzo Visconti, Lombardy

The Decline of Rome and the Rise of Mediaeval Europe
Solomon Katz
Keywords: History, Late Roman and Early Medieval period

The Devil's Horsemen : The Mongol Invasion of Europe
James Chambers
ISBN 0689706936
Keywords: Mongols, history, military art an science, church history

The Discovery of King Arthur
Geoffrey Ashe
Keywords: King Arthur, Legend

The Elements of Heraldry
William H. Whitmore
Keywords: Heraldry, Terms, Charges, Blazon

The Enemies of Books, 2nd Edition
William Blades
Keywords: Bookbinding

The England of Elizabeth: The Structure of Society
A. L. Rowse
ISBN 0299077209
Keywords: Great Britain, History, Social life and customs, Social Conditions, Elizabeth I, 1558-1603

The Feudal Kingdom of England 1042-1216
Frank Barlow
ISBN 0582482372
Keywords: Anglo-Norman England, History, Edward the Confessor

The First Elizabeth
Carolly Erickson
ISBN 0671417460
Keywords: Elizabeth I, Queen of England, 1533-1603 Great Britain History Kings and rulers Biography, England, history, biography, Elizabethan

The First Seventeen Years: Virginia, 1607-1624
Charles E. Hatch, Jr.
Keywords: America, History

The Germanic People: Their Origin, Expansion and Culture
Francis Owen
ISBN 0880295791
Keywords: Germanic People, Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Status, Government, Culture, Religion

The High Middle Ages in Germany
Rolf Toman, editor
ISBN 3822802972
Keywords: Germany, history, 843-1273

The History of Chivalry and Armor
Franz Kottenkamp
ISBN 0517671077
Keywords: Chivalry History Pictorial works, Heraldry, Knights and knighthood Europe History Pictorial works, Weapons History Pictorial works

The History of Islam
Robery Payne
ISBN 0880295627
Keywords: Islam

The Horizon Book of the Renaissance
J. H. Plumb
Keywords: Petrarch, Machiavelli, Michelangelo, Lorenzo de Medici, Leonardo da Vinci, Pope Pius II, Doge Grancesco Foscari, Federigo da Mentefeltro, Beatrice and Isabela D'Es

The House of Medici: Its Rise and Fall
Christopher Hibbert
ISBN 0688053394
Keywords: Medici, Florence, Italy, Biography

The Inferno
Dante Alighieri; John Ciardi, translator
Keywords: Poetry, Hell

The Knight and Chivalry
Richard Barber
ISBN 0060909110
Keywords: Chivalry

The Lady in Medieval England 1000-1500
Peter Coss
ISBN 0905778367
Keywords: Women, England, Middle Ages, Social conditions, nobility

The Late Middle Ages
Wim Swaan
ISBN 0801411416
Keywords: Art, architecture, 1350, Renaissance

The Letter of Dance #01
Mark Waks
Keywords: Dance

The Letter of Dance #02
Mark Waks
Keywords: Dance

The Letter of Dance #03
Mark Waks

Keywords: Dance

The Letter of Dance #04
Mark Waks
Keywords: Dance

The Letter of Dance #06
Mark Waks
Keywords: Dance

The Letter of Dance #07
Mark Waks
Keywords: Dance

The Letter of Dance #08
Mark Waks
Keywords: Dance

The Letter of Dance #09
Mark Waks
Keywords: Dance

The Letter of Dance #11
Mark Waks
Keywords: Dance

The Letter of Dance #12
Mark Waks
Keywords: Dance

The Life & Times of Chaucer
John Gardner
ISBN 0394493176
Keywords: Geoffrey Chaucer 1400 Biography

The Magnificent Century The Pageant of England
Thomas B. Costain
Keywords: Great Britain history, Henry III, 1216-1272

The March of the Barbarians
Harold Lamb
ISBN 1135148473

The Marshal's Handbook, 1994 Edition
Society for Creative Anachronism
Keywords: SCA heavy combat rules

The Mastermyr Find - A Viking Age Tool Chest from Gotland
Greta Arwidsson and Gosta Berg
ISBN 0965075516
Keywords: Gotland Sweden Antiquities, Archaeology Medieval Tools Northmen

The Medieval Archer
Jim Bradbury
ISBN 0760720398
Keywords: Archers, Military art and science in Europe, Bow and arrow, military history

The Medieval Reader
Norman F. Cantor, editor
ISBN 0062701029
Keywords: Middle Ages, History, Sources

The Medieval Traveller
Norbert Ohler
ISBN 085115607X
Keywords: Travelling, Travellers, Lodging, Roads

The Medieval Vision - Essays in History and Perception
Carolly Erickson
ISBN 0195019636
Keywords: Civilization, Medieval, Religious thought, Middle Ages, 600-1500

The Medieval Warhorse
Ann Hyland
ISBN 1856279901
Keywords: War horses, military history

The Monarchy of France
Claude de Seyssel, Donald R. Kelley, editor

ISBN 0300025165
Keywords: France, Politics and government, 1328-1589, Monarchy

The Origin of the Zodiac
Rupert Gleadow
Keywords: Zodiac, astrology

The Ottoman Centuries - The Rise and Fall of the Turkish Empire
Lord Kinross
ISBN 0688080936
Keywords: Turkey History Ottoman Empire 1288-1918

The Pattern Under the Plough
George Ewart Evans
ISBN 0571089771
Keywords: Rural Life, East Anglia, Farming

The Pied Piper - A German Folk Tale
Cecelia Slater
Keywords: Legends, Folklore, Germany

The Plantagenet Encyclopedia
Elizabeth Hallam, editor
ISBN 0180212897
Keywords: Great Britain, History, Plantagenets, 1154-1399, Dictionaries

The Plantagenet Prelude
Jean Plaidy
ISBN 0399124489
Keywords: Eleanor of Aquitaine, Henry II, England, Thomas Becket, Canterbury

The Queens of England
Barbara Softly
ISBN 0517302004
Keywords: England, Queens

The Quest for El Cid
Richard Fletcher
ISBN 0394574478
Keywords: El Cid, Spain, History, 711-1516, Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar

The Romance of Tristan and Iseult
Joseph Bedier, Hilaire Belloc, translator
ISBN 0394702719
Keywords: Arthurian romances, Knights and knighthood, legends, Tristan, Iseult

The Ship of Fools
Sebastian Brant
ISBN 0486202666

The Ship of Fools
Sebastian Brant
ISBN 0486202666

The Songs of Bernart de Ventadorn
Stephen G. Nichols, Jr., editor
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The Story of the Champions of the Round Table
Howard Pyle
ISBN 048621883X
Keywords: King Arthur, Legends, Myths, Fables, Stories

The Structure of Medieval Structure
Christopher Brooke
ISBN 0070080623
Keywords: Medieval Society

The Ties that Bound: Peasant Families in Medieval England
Barbara A. Hanawalt
ISBN 0195045645
Keywords: England, Family, Peasant, Marriage, Social Life,

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Robert F. Marx
Keywords: Spanish Main, Spain, Commerce, Lating America

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Jean Longnon and Raymond Cazelles
ISBN 0807612200
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Josephine Ross
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Fergus Fleming
ISBN 088110972X
Keywords: Vikings, Juvenile literature.

The Vikings
Jonathan Wooding
ISBN 0847821064
Keywords: Civilization, Viking, History, Scandinavia, Medieval World History (Circa 450, Circa 1450), Vikings;

The Vikings - Fact and Fiction
Robin Place
ISBN 0521315727
Keywords: Social history Medieval, 500-1500 Juvenile literature, Vikings Social life and customs Juvenile literature

The Warrior Kings of Saxon England
Ralph Whitlock
ISBN 0880296739
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Antonia Fraser
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Jean Fritz, Katherine Paterson, Patricia and Fredrick McKissack, Margaret Mahy, and Jamake Highwater
ISBN 0805016740
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The World of Michelangelo 1475 - 1564
Robert Coughlan

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Mary Clive
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Three Medieval Views of Women
Gloria K. Fiero, Wendy Pfeffer, Mathe Allain, editors and translators
ISBN 0300044429
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Through the Glass Window Shines the Sun - An Anthology of Medieval Poetry and Prose
Pamela Norris, editor
ISBN 0821222066
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Tournaments Illuminated #113
Nancee Beattie, editor
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Tower of London
Christopher Hibbert
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Royal Historical Society
ISBN 0521552001
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John H. Davis, editor
ISBN 0882250299
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John P. Harthan
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Wess Roberts
ISBN 0385424485
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Morris Rossabi
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Simon MacDowall
ISBN 0806984600
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Waytes of Dreiburgen: Neuschel Codex I (Intro)
W. Todd Humphrey
Keywords: Period Music

Waytes of Dreiburgen: Neuschel Codex I (Scores)
W. Todd Humphrey
Keywords: Period Music

Waytes of Dreiburgen: Neuschel Codex II (Intro)
W. Todd Humphrey
Keywords: Period Music

Waytes of Dreiburgen: Neuschel Codex II (Scores)
W. Todd Humphrey
Keywords: Period Music

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W. Todd Humphrey
Keywords: Period Music

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W. Todd Humphrey
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With Faith and Physics: The Life of a Tudor Gentlewoman, Lady Grace Mildmay, 1552-1620
Linda Pollock
ISBN 0312125194
Keywords: Tudor, Medical Profession, Medicine, Gentlewoman, Still Room, Recipes

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